Friday, 30 August 2019

25 Years Young

Age? Is just another number right? Something man made to remind us how close we are to death (not to be morbid) or to label us. So you've guessed right, I've turned the big old or shall we state young 25. Had this been a few years ago I would be sobbing continously in my pillowcase, shouting 'WHY GOD WHY, WE HAD A DEAL! LET THE OTHERS GROW OLD NOT ME!' (A great time to be quoting some FRIENDS!)

However, age is just another number right?

A phrase that is persistently repeated to me, especially as your years increase. Not that I deny this phrase because in all fairness it is just another number. Ask me how do I feel or the peculiar question you get asked on your birthday.. 'do you feel 25?' How the feck do you feel a number? One minute your 24 then the next you're 25, instantaneously you're meant to become this new complete sagacious being. MIND BOGGLE.

To answer... no I don't feel 25 nor do I feel 35 or 18 or whatever number you want to propel at me. I just feel me. I feel what I'm feeling at this present moment. I'm embracing my new profound character as the time goes by, improving relentlessly on myself inward and outwardly.

Inevitably, I have considered age to be a weird concept to myself. However, something I have realised over the years, age is just passage of time.. time. Another concept I have always queried. Most importantly it's what you do with that time, how such a beautiful gift is valued and spent.

Although, you can't escape this dreadful label of being a certain number, I try not to put so much attention on age. But rather just embrace it in a way, meaning I still carry out wishes or promises I made to myself years back thinking I would have it completed by a certain age. Instead I just take my time and still go forth, there is no rush. Taking each day as it comes and being with the present is my focus.

Over time I have succumb to the idealisation that yes I am this age, but it doesn't define who I am at this present moment. Nor does it upset or worry me that I have or have not reached this precise goal or stage in my life by this specific age or time. We are all on our own time wave, certain lessons or experiences we encounter is for us at that particular time in our life for a reason, so live it and seize it.  Sometimes we have to endure certain mishaps whether bad or good first to reach certain dreams and goals which we wished we could have attained earlier but in fact it just wasn't our time then.

God's timing and universe timing.

The past year, I am not ashamed to admit that I have been reading countless numbers of self-improvement genre type books. Even though I know majority spits out the repetitive blasé phrases or advice of 'read books and drink water' (okay slight exaggeration, I do love you self-help books!).
Though I cannot fault the one thing that always reoccurs in these books, the word - Gratitude. A gracious word that I have lived by for the past year extensively and I couldn't recommend it any higher.

Whether I am down in those dreadful dumps or on the dreamiest of cloud nine, I incorporate this mentality into my day everyday. To be thankful. To be thankful for any situation that directs towards me, for losses and gains, no matter how minuscule or micro-scale I feel or the experience I am entailing. I will point out at least 3 things that I am grateful to have in that present moment in time.
Tapping you into the sheer reality that not everything is the end of the world, if anything just pushes you that extra mile to go harder, a sense of relief. Deep breaths.

What's more, in the last year especially I have learnt to be even more accepting and understanding to this extremely wild world we live in. Instead of going head in with emotions I take a breather and consider the situation and those around me. Not an easy thing to comprehend I tell you but overtime you get familiar with the concept that the world doesn’t evolve around you *raises eyebrow*.

So here’s to another brilliant year ahead of me, whether 25 or 65 I’m still going to be me, but maybe a much wiser and put together 65 year young Mira would be great! ;)


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