Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The simple things

More than ever, especially the times we are living right now, we come to really appreciate the little things in life. Something so simple as the ability to get up and wash your face with warm water; to go downstairs and make yourself a hot cup of tea to warm yourself up for the day; to cuddle up to a love one whilst watching a movie whilst feeling safe and at peace. It's little things like this we come to appreciate and to not reside in the thoughts of what we don't have. 

Life is almost at a standstill point right now, for myself anyways. The hustle and bustle we were once so consumed in, isn't so much a thing in these current climate. Just stillness and silence. 

Can you feel that? 

Can you hear that?

Can you see that? 

Feeling every emotion, thought, sensation in this very present moment. That's exactly what it is, it has forced us to appreciate the very present moment, the here and the now. A thought we don't so much like to entertain because we are so busy busy and on the go. Keeping busy to sidetrack ourselves so we don't have to deal with certain things that pass through our forever mind. An escape. Escaping is of course worthwhile but can we afford to be escaping endlessly? 

Well if not for a perpetual solution, I am sure a temporary diversion will do no harm and more good if anything. Leading to a day me and the family decided upon a trip to our local beach to get away and breathe in fresh air. A brisk, frosty, blue sky, wintery afternoon; with our boots covered in sand, our coats tightly wrapped keeping us warm, the sun gleaming on our face, the brisk wind hitting us from all directions, a view of the sea before us leading to the unknown, all nothing but nature surrounding us. 

Perfect stillness. 

Serenity at it's finest. Complete and utter silence, hearing your own breath as you take in the cold air around you. A endless escapism may not be the answer but to getaway for a few hours and surround yourself in nature is a beautiful temporary fix. Completely simple yet so beneficial and practical. To find yourself in natures brace and fill your mind with peace and calmness, appreciating headspace from all the unnecessary mind chatter. Stripping yourself away and realising that Mother Nature always has your back. 

It's the plain, undemanding and simple things like this we come to appreciate in the end. 


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