Friday, 8 January 2021

York & The New Year

December 2020, was different to say the least. Well that could be said for the whole year, a weird time to be alive. Running up to the festive period, everything felt so uncertain and doubtful. Almost living everyday with unease and just wishing for straight answer rules, none of this here or there and broken promises. 

Although, the uncertainty December had given us, there was a couple of things for me and the hubby to celebrate upon. This month being our first year anniversary as well as the hubby's birthday. Yes that's right the hubby was given the crème de la crème of all presents, me! Jokes aside a gift for the both of us. 

Spending the actual day with us both grabbing a vegan breakfast and roaming around town, the most given the circumstances. It was simple and yet beautiful. However, I had no idea the hubby was plotting a little UK getaway all along and a week later we find ourselves in York. 

I must say this about many places I visit but York during the festive period is most enchanting and magical. As though you're stepping on to a movie set and into another remarkable realm. The most interesting was a couple of the cobbled and quirky streets were used for the Harry Potter movies and you can feel that. Every little corner you're caught by surprise and in all honesty we kept extending our stay because we loved it that much. 

The current climate only allowed exploring to a certain extent as most places were closed, though we made the best of what we could. Immersing ourselves in their wonderful little town; with their eccentric named shops, narrow but beautifully lit streets, the smell of fresh pastries as you turn every corner, their history embedded in every architectural sighting, the sound of the church bell every hour as the minister is situated so close by, which has it's own renowned and unique essence. It's a trip to remember and a place to recommend for sure. 

Staying at the Jorvik House sits just at the heart of York and is situated just opposite the St Olave's church, which holds a breathtaking museum garden. Lovely for small strolls, where by you'll come upon ruination of historic monasteries. All of which has it's own beautiful uniqueness about it. I can not fault our stay at the Jorvik House, even when extending our stay a little longer they catered to our every need. Accommodating us with extreme cosy, warm, contemporary and comfortable rooms more or less the feeling you were at home. The only downside to the homey hotel would be the fact they don't offer room service. However, that's okay, that's what deliveroo is for! 

Swiftly moving towards food, food is always the dealbreaker in most circumstances, especially when planning a trip. Add vegan dietary requirements and the current worldly climate were in, leaves your head spinning. I must say York had quite a fair share of vegan dine outs, you definitely won't be missing out and will have somewhere to eat, not to fret! 

Managing to indulge in some lovely meals from Chinese (vegan) to Indian, there was a variety to pick from. 

The Orchid- Chinese (vegan) cuisine 

Taas- Nepalese/ Indian

The Cornish Bakery- Bakery (some delish pastries!)

The Churchill Hotel- This was an absolute dreamy and most magical delight of a night. The hubby surprising me with a date night in their magnificent festive igloo's all to ourselves. It was most certainly romantic and was the best meal we had their throughout our whole stay. Spoiling ourselves with a night of romance, music, pizza, hot chocolate and lovely festive views. Food can easily be ordered through your phone in which the waiter/waitress will knock on to allow yourselves to grab from outside the igloo on a stand. 

York is one for the books, diverting yourself in history, sightseeing, a majestic atmosphere, quirkiness, lovely food places and overall a joy to visit! 

The year might have not gone to plan but most certainly ended on a high note. 

Now to the current, January 2021. I have decided to come into this year with far less expectations. In all honesty 2020 was a complete mess in some aspects which I am still trying to process. Keeping this years goals and achievements very simple, essentially just focussing on keeping head strong and high spirited. Most important, catering towards a healthier living and much healing for myself. 

Progressing towards health, this would be a major factor I'll be anchoring, for those that are aware, end of last year I began a detox. This is something which I will be implementing a lot more of in my lifestyle. Creating a much healthier surrounding internally and externally and getting on the road to better health as I have been struggling far too long. 

Most of my goals are quite similar to my last years as some don't change and mainly things you will like to continue. Visiting a few; reading a book a month, a few work bits (to continue with amazing collaborative opportunities I have been lucky to work on), creating and sharing more on the blog (a post a month), journalling at least every other day, living more simplistically and sustainably (buy less, style more), decluttering more often throughout the year, follow the practice of letting go (in all aspects of life) and to show and feel gratitude every day. 

All in all I want to value the simple things and be more in the present this year. I felt last year I was very much stuck in my own whirlwind of a brain, stressing, contemplating and anxiously seeing the year through. This year the main achievement is to feel every moment and to see each day through rather than stress about the next. To savour and cherish each moment with my loved ones and to relax. 

A stress free and simplistic year ahead, cherishing the small moments and just living by each day presently. 



  1. Such lovely photos! That bookshop looks so cute - I wish I had an adorable bookshop in my city. I would shop there all the time!
    Jenna ♥
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