Wednesday, 10 February 2021

The greatest love story

February, the month of love. The month where people scatter into different catergories; the 'I love this month and going to spend it with my partner', the 'I don't need no man, I got my girls' (galentines), the 'Ew corny month' and the 'What? What month is it?'. Whichever category you fall into this year or have been in the last couple of years, I want to ask you a serious question? 

When do you ever take time out in this "love" month for you? Or any month for that matter? 

Yep that's right, hardly. 

We all appreciate, show affection and have love for our dear ones but what about the love we have for ourselves? I am not against the idea of being completely infatuated with my partner especially during valentines and showing him how much I cherish him. I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart and super grateful I can now be that with my husband (big time love for ya baby!). However, love shouldn't be contained into one department, mainly considered the romanticised love most strive for. It doesn't just stop at the love you have for your partner, parents, siblings, family and close friends either. 

In fact it begins with you. 

Love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

The love we have for our minds, body and soul is just as important as the love we show for others. There is not one way to love, love can be shown in so many variations of course in a positive and healthy light only. Appreciating and admiring every little thing about you. Whether that's flaws and imperfections, it's truly accepting those parts of you and riding with it or finding a way to better it. Not to say it's easy, it's probably the most challenging part of living to accept every single part of you (good or bad) and run with it. To welcome the imperfect and rewire your brain to adore and endorse it. It's definitely something I have struggled with, physical and non physical. 

Love has never been an easy journey. People write about it, sing about it, film movies on it and it's never as simple as that. Though, everyone can always resonate with it because one way or another everyone has a story to tell when it comes to love. Whether that's love for another or love for yourself. 

The greatest love story is the the love story you write with yourself.

The love story we write for ourselves is a ceaseless story or journey we continue to compose. It's an endless love. It's never easy to write and entails many paths of scribbling outs, confusion, self-loathing, twists and turns but in the end it's always you that comes out stronger, confident and most liberated. It's you that learns and grows as you pursue yourself. Mastering the many forms of love towards yourself such as; kindness, appreciation, gratitude, patience, understanding, communication and listening. 

Truly listening to what your heart, mind and soul requires. 

After all you can write multiple novels on the unconditional and undivided love you have for your  soul mate, mother, best friend or whoever that person may be. But the most greatest love story you'll ever write is the love story you write with yourself. Why?

There will never be another you, there is only one unique story that can be told when it comes to the love you have for you. 


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