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Worldly Attachments- a more simple way of living

March has been an extremely overwhelming and busy month to say the least. Finally making the big move and uprooting to Birmingham to be with my husband has finally been achieved. Through the rigourous moments of packing, saying my good byes and making the transitions. It has taught a few lessons that will be carried through out time. 

Let's be completely honest with ourselves and ask 'Who loves to pack?'. Now living in a much smaller space I have had to make the conscious decision of minimising the amount I truly need to own. Folding away what is actually memories, experiences and special moments in storage bags or the resale/charity pile. It was without doubt incredibly difficult throwing out sentimental pieces (ending with most being kept) and making the decision to move on without some of my favourites. 

So why do we hold such attachments to worldly things? I am not a materialistic individual, nevertheless I hold great value towards sentimental pieces. Holding on to pieces that remind me of my happiest moments shouldn't be such a crime should it? 

Whilst clearing and deciding what's to stay and what's to go, I ended up stumbling down a nostalgic tunnel; the dress I wore to mine and hubby first date, crumpled up receipts scrunched in the corners of small bags, old blouses carrying make up stains from hugging my dear ones, stuffed tissues and loose change found in coat pockets from endless nose sniffling and rushing around, stitches undone and questionable marks found on jeans worn during some amazing adventures. Clearly pieces you can't simply just throw away and not come back to. Sat idly in my wardrobe as little souvenirs to my most favourite moments in life. 

Gathering massive amounts of clothes isn't warrant and definitely not advisable when downsizing. Picking up the courage to make such decisions, even if holding sentimental greatness. The motto was if I hadn't worn it in the last six months or I couldn't picture myself wearing it at all, it was thrown in the 'no go' pile. 

In all honesty, as the pile of clothes reduced the levels of stress, anxiety and mind clutter decreased with it. 

Which reminded me of a book I was reading a few months ago but didn't quite finish; 'Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect life.' By Beth Kempton. The perfectly imperfect life full of simpleness. To free the mind of clutter and unnecessary belongings and to only fill your mind and self with what's required. 

What we own and the belongings we carry around with us extends further to our own mental and physical being, meaning the less the better. Further illustrating that what we have ownership over extends to our soul and character. Therefore, to live a simple life is a much freer life.  

This ideology really struck a cord with me as I have always experienced this whenever clearing out and with this being one of my biggest clear outs it struck even deeper.  

Yes, I kept a few sentimental pieces of clothes and homeware. I also let go of many bits that didn't require my love anymore and had the chance to be given to someone else who could. Clearing out and packing is never so easy. Though, it's made me recognise that I need to be more conscious of what to keep and what to let go. In order to lead a life much more lighter and minimal.

Clutching dearly to unnecessary attachments can be an unhealthy obsession, with a mind set that holding onto them for sake of it will bring us back to that very moment in life. When we all know a creased silk shirt is no time travel portal that can whizz us back to the past. 

What is more crucial is our sense of self, to feel free and not be bogged down by the weight of such avoidable bonds. 

Life shouldn't feel so heavy, it should feel free and liberating. Personally, I plan to attain a lifestyle which incorporates the fundamentals of Wabi Sabi, to appreciate the simple things in life. To live and let go and hold on to recollections through other means. Instead of hoarding an inessential amount of objects to lug around with me that take up needed space. 

I still have a long way to go to achieve such goals, it will definitely be a daily thought, a habit and a way of life. 

I choose the road of simpleness. 


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  1. I love this! It is so important to experience the world and find meaning in all of the little things. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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