Tuesday, 31 August 2021

The Year 27

One chapter closes and another welcomes you with open arms. The year of 26 was a gracious year to say the least, there were life changing events, a couple of bumps along the road and some of my happiest moments all wrapped up in one. Overall I am a little sad to see it go but excited to see what the year of 27 brings! 

There is so many discussions to have being on the other side of the twenties, the older side shall we say. The side nearing to the dreadful (queue dramatic music) thirties. In all honesty as I am nearing to the year three zero I'm quite intrigued and exhilarated to reach such a pivotal moment in life. Even though I do moan about being old, a thought we all have silently lurking in the back of our minds. I always consider the years being young. 

This year has taught me many things but it has most certainly coached me in the life of independence, living away from family and adjusting to a new life with my husband. It has been a joyful rollercoaster and I wouldn't change a thing. We have always been a very close knit family and to be away from them in another city has been a challenge, not to mention an overload of emotions. Slowly with the essence of time, living so far is becoming slightly easier. 

The hardest part of it all was enduring the pitiful feeling of loneliness. 

I think this is something that isn't talked about so often when leaving home and starting a whole new journey in another city or country for some. As much as I adore my husband and practically spend every minute together, as women we always crave that feminine energy, a girlfriend or companion. This is something I have really been struggling with, as easy it is to say 'Oh why don't you just make new friends?' As an adult its just not that simple and in all honesty it's just another drawn-out process that can run you ragged. Especially with the harrowing anxiety feeling looming over you. 

Over time I have realised dynamics of relationships have changed a little due to moving away and instead I am appreciating my own company in a different light. Embracing the time I have with just me. Relying on God and myself. Soaking up the tranquilness from my own solitude. 

My relationship with God hasn't been the strongest but it is something I want to work harder on during this time.

However, not all is so morbid being on the other side of the twenties, in actuality I have never felt so securer in myself. Whilst the years go by I have always felt a little more confident and a little more wiser in who I am. Simply not giving a rat ass about what anyone thinks of me, in a non self absorbent or rude manner but with more of a self-accepting mindset and unnecessary criticism being ignored. As I continue to grow in knowledge, self and inward understanding, I am reshaping my mind, giving it strength and becoming that much more head strong. Readjusting the crown we once called the mind. 

The year 26 has been a year that has taught me a lot about myself, which will of course continue. It has gifted me with incredible experiences, wisdom along the way, a lot of realisation and all in all a year to think back to. Undoubtedly it has dragged me out from my cosy comfort zone and into the concealed unknown with the exception of having my best friend (hubby) along for the ride. As scary as it may sound, I think it has been one of the best things to have happened, helping me better in countless ways. Allowing me to appreciate family, companionship, health, and time considerably more. Some of which was easily attainable but now difficult to work around. 

I still have so much to go through in life, many plans, ideas, investments and experiences to endure but I always say it's the journey that makes the destination much more fulfilling. 

I look forward to what the year 27 brings ahead, most importantly just grateful that I am given another chance to live life abundantly each day.  


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