Thursday 17 June 2021

Jewellery Staples - favourite brands

Jewels or jewellery have always been a sign of adornment, such delicate and beautiful creations to beautify oneself with. I have always had an admiration for the the little gems, especially earrings. I find they complete an outfit or make a perfect gift. There is so much more to jewellery than we think. 

I know speaking from my own stance, I have jewellery that I will simply wear everyday because it holds value or sentiments to me. However, I have a collection that I simply wear for special occasions. That's the thing with them, they hold more than just an added thing to an outfit, jewellery holds meaning, a special place in ones heart.  

Therefore its important to grab yourself that ever lasting set of jewels, the worst thing after finding the perfect piece is later down the line it begins to fade into that vomit green. I am sure we have all been through that distraught feeling of 'eurgh now I've got to chuck it away?!"

There is so much fun to have when styling certain jewellery pieces, you can never have enough of stacking and layering to really elevate a look. Although I feel I still have a long way to go with my jewellery collection, a girl has got to share her staples and favourites in the bling game. 


Great place to shop if you're into stack and load, layering those necklaces to really upgrade ones look.



Is a danish brand that caters to making you feel beautiful in their unique pieces. 


Daisy London have the best dainty pieces to add to your collection. If you're also a little stuck on where to begin your luxury jewellery collection this would be the best place to start. 


Known for it's classic and staple pieces, you also have the option to build your own charm bracelets with their large variety of stylish charms. I also find Pandora to be the ideal gift for another. 



Mejuri is all about fine jewellery for those every day moments. 



Perfect styles, shapes and sizes for those ear jewels, if you love to adorn your little ears this is the right place to head. 

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