Monday 17 January 2022


Hitting that reset button is well needed at times and this was the time for myself to really press down on it. 2021 has been a tough year on my mental health and it has definitely made me come to some serious realisation. Realisations that I was trying very hard to bury or I didn't even realise I was burying and all just escalated to the surface in one big volcanic eruption. 

Ending 2021 by the seaside was something that was required to grant me that time to be still and present. More so with no use of socials for the last few weeks really amped the stillness my mind needed. I have always found the beach during these winter blues the most serene. It is well damn freezing I will tell you that but it is the most refreshing time to experience the sea and sand at its best. I never noticed this before until now but, watching dogs have the time of their lives as soon as their tiny paws hit the sand is the most wholesome and joyful thing to observe. The beach, a dogs happy haven who would have thought?

Usually every year, a tradition or plan whatever you may prefer to call it I like to set some targets, a resolution. Recognising over the years that well, I never bloody stick to it! So to hell with it, my one and only target is to go forward with whatever makes me content. Taking note of the little pups on the beach, care free and filled with joy. Unknowingly I was just adding that extra weight on to my shoulders. Every time I no longer met my target it bogged me down with another kilo, before you know it I am laying flat on the ground with big boulders on my back trying to lift my head for some air. Conclusion? No more to such expectations and to just go with it. To be care free and filled with joy. 

Sitting back in reset mode helped me to appreciate the small things once again. To stop stressing over the tiniest of things because maintaining control over every aspect of life is beyond unreasonable, it's actually quite detrimental to health. Grasping and mastering the art to stop burying emotions within ourselves and learn to let go and let live more. The art of living, feeling and appreciating. It's important to set goals and aspirations it's what gets us up in the morning, it gives purpose. Of course, without the heavy presumption that if not met we have failed in life and become one big loser, otherwise it defeats the object. There is more to life than goals, making a shit load of money and anything remotely materialistic. Over time you come to the understanding that being devoted to the ones you love, your deepest passions and God is more important than all of that. More importantly being present in every moment life teaches or rewards us with because at the end of the day precious moments can never be relived. 

There is definitely some arts and crafts I would love to take up in the next couple of months one being knitting. Creating art is something that holds a special place in my heart and offers the quietness my mind so desperately needs. This will most certainly be on the list of 'whatever makes me content'. Planning to take things slow and at my own pace; to go with the flow of life, sincere gratitude for whatever comes my way and for anything that does not or is taken away. God is the best of planners and what may be will be and what may not, will not be. 

Going forward, the plan for the foreseeable is to push on with whatever makes us content and no to stressful targets and resolutions. To go with the flow of life's journey and Gods plan, because nothing can dispute what He has installed for us. A life to be care free, healthy, grateful and filled with joy, love and prosperity. 


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