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Books that shaped my life

From a young age, I was always yanking my mum along to our small local library, because I was forever losing my library card; which in return meant mum's card was needed to snag myself some good reads. The tall standing aisles and shelves overshadowing me whilst I lose myself overwhelmed by the many choices of books I could possibly read. Hiding away reading the blurbs or in all honesty a few chapters, lost in another dimension or illusion that the author had created in these non-fiction stories. Hearing the faint sound of my mum yelling for me which unfortunately ushers me back to the sheer reality of me sat in the library corner, surrounded by the many books I have already flicked through and finding them a potential temporary new home. Temporary? Yeah about that.. That's if I ever managed to get myself to the library with my stack load of books, I had idly waiting in my bedroom for months waiting to be returned.

Though that was the thing I absolutely and utterly admired books! I lived and breathed them from the age of 8-9 and here I am writing up a piece on my admiration for books (love never dies). My first faint memory of reading was definitely the Roald Dahl books, particular favourites being 'The witches' and 'The Twits'. What I treasured the most about reading was the arrant fact that my imagination could scarper wild, which coincides with my love for art (maybe another post suited on this specific topic in the future ay). Growing older my introverted ways remained in a sense and I found it wholly exhausting interacting and would most likely shy away. Not that much has changed there in this instance but I have definitely improved massively to some extent. Replacing what should have been interaction with other children I always found myself swaying more towards books. To some degree I considered books to be friends and reading being my world too freely be myself.

Of course phasing through teenage years the standard of books being read had to mature some what, this is where romance really creaked it's way through.
You remember Twilight and Harry Potter right? Yes both of which landed in my teenage era. I was complete and outright obsessed with them both. I would go far as enough to say I would stay up  sitting upright, hiding under my duvets once dad had shouted 'lights out!" My flash torch would switch on and either Twilight or Harry Potter would be whipped out. Reading in to the early mornings disregarding entirely the fact I had school the next morning.. a rebel I was indeed! Possibly the reason  for low performance in school at the time but do I regret.. no not at all.

As my years matured and I made the transition from High school, college and then University, the genres being read evolved with time too. Which is what gives books this remarkable and unique sensation to them, to some extent magical. Depicting a reflection of your mind and soul in that present moment, whilst you evolve as an individual so does your interests in what you read and feel you can resonate with. Speaking on the topic of 'mature novelty' I would be lying if I did say I didn't give '50 Shades of Grey' a little peak, which quickly lost its appeal to me.. not for the faint hearted maybe? However, sadly as you do transition into what they call 'adulthood' your time for reading lessens, which happened in my case anyways.

When graduating from University, with absolute no apprehension of where life is going to take me, or what to do with my life in this instance. I was completely and utterly lost. Experiencing what felt like a mid life crisis, yet mid life was way to far to comprehend and in technicality my life had just started. I was going through the turmoil of heartbreak, health issues, career confusion and the list could go on. In all this despair I began to direct towards my good old friends, books.
However, the genre of books took a complete turn and I journeyed on the path of 'self-improvement' books. I knew in all of this despondency I, myself had to find a way out of it. So that's what I did, I began with me. Reading through numerous of books that could improve my social skills, thinking and reasoning skills, character building, increasing confidence and most importantly how to self love.

Overall, shaping me into the person I am today, of course with extraneous factors playing a role too, but this was my starting point for my journey of reevaluating who I was.

The first ever self-improvement books I laid hands on was called 'Don't sweat the small stuff' by Richard Carlson and 'How to win friends and Influence people' by Dale Carnegie. This really opened up the world of venturing into different avenues of book topics, that could assist with growth in learning and awareness of not just myself but of the environment around me.

My admiration of books has only ever grown over these coarse years, but in this present moment it has been ingrained into my routine and more so my lifestyle. Even if my day or week schedule seems hectic no matter the circumstances a 15 minute read will be programmed in. Its my sense of relief. My peace. Forever grateful I am able to incorporate such a powerful tool into my life. Most significantly, grateful that it has helped me over the years to grow as an individual and it will continue to do so.

Seeking knowledge will always be the key.

I have noted the list of my favourite books below.

1. 'Don't sweat the small stuff' by Richard Carlson

2. 'How to win friends and Influence people' by Dale Carnegie

3. 'The Subtle art of not giving a f*ck' by Mark Manson

4. 'Manifest now' by Idil Ahmed

5. 'The power of now' by Eckhart Tolle

6. 'How to stop worrying and start living' by Dale Carnegie

7. 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho

8. 'You are a badass' by Jen Sincero

9. 'Love & Misadventure' by Lang Leav

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