Friday 20 March 2020

dedicate this to...

My Mother.

Given that mothers day is precisely two days away and not to say mothers day should be everyday. If it was possible to dedicate a post to my mother every other day I would but the world doesn't circulate that way unfortunately. I asked my mother to hop on the blogger bandwagon and shoot a creative shoot with me from the comfort of our home. Not as simple as I thought it would be, due to our uncontrollable laughing fits and my sister turning all Jack Torrance on us... sorry sis. In conclusion, two hours later we eventually got there.

In all my life I have known my mother...okay okay I'll stop with the unhumorous jokes ;). Growing up me and mum created a remarkable bond with one another, never really thinking of mum to be just mum. Though, a best friend, sister, role model and a superwoman all in one. I understand that not every child has the opportunity to experience this, so I am forever in gratitude for such a beautiful relationship and may it continue. As I began to grow into adolescences and began a better understanding of everything around me, it was only then I truly understood how much my mother sacrificed. Her story unravelled itself gradually revealing how she became this strong, independent, beautiful, and truly unique woman standing right in front of me. Just looking into her; glazed, big, brown eyes you can see her tiring, troublesome but beautiful journey she has encountered and that journey still prevails. As I grew older the level of respect, love and understanding towards my mother increased, picking up valuable lessons from my mother along the way. Through actions, love and behaviour my mum taught me how to be and how not to be, her story alone spoke so many words and indoctrinated that love and kindness does exist in this world. That no matter how ugly it can become unconditional love can override anything.

In dedication to my mother I thought it would be a lovely gesture to share what I have learnt from this extraordinary woman... yes not to just keep all these incredibly valuable lessons to myself and actually share. With the passage of time undoubtedly there will be more lessons to absorb.


Maybe a given or maybe not but love goes a long way. Love isn't just a required emotion for your partner but everything around you. Goes without saying you have love which is a beautiful feeling to cherish. Though, unconditional love is a love that is exceptional and not everyone gets to experience. My mum did not have to say but she illustrated through actions, behaviours, speech and energy the unconditional love she had for my father. Watching the heart-wrenching moments of my dads illness and how mum soldiered and sacrificed herself through it, depicted a love I had never seen, movies can't even compare. My parents love for one another was one in a blue moon type of a love and I was lucky enough to witness it.
As much as I was thankful to experience love around me, even more so to witness and be in the aura of unconditional love unlike any. This exhibiting that whether love or unconditional love; it is the most profound emotion that can keep a person going or even change lives. A powerful essence to a being, that life itself can't comprehend. 


This supporting the next lesson, the act of selflessness. Generally, being a mother and scarfing your body from the moment you're pregnant to then raising your child is an act of selflessness overall. Remembering the times where financially we were struggling, with only a fiver to spend for the rest of the week mum would give it to us to use for our school lunch. Little things like this growing up, acknowledging the struggles and sacrifices my mum made. To more recent times where mum sacrificed her time, energy and life to cater towards my dad, really put things into perspective of how selfless my mum truly is.


To have a kind heart and soul. Kindness is such a trivial act that doesn't require much but the most effective towards an individual. Mum would always goes above and beyond for others, I always considered my mum to be a giver but not a taker.


Totally not trying to tread on the Destiny Child's rein here but mum got there first. Being independent was something mum enforced on us as we got older. As the eldest daughter, the thought of being dependent on a man wasn't my mums forte. Encouraging study and to create a life for myself was a priority... Although so was finding the one ha! I suppose it was a balance. My mum always demonstrated that having your own little outlet or space in harmony with your husbands could always work. As long as you could hold your own then that's all what mattered.


No matter how many challenging calamities may be thrown your way and knock you off your elfin feet, you haul yourself up and continue. Life is overflowing with shiny treasured lessons some bad some good but you learn from them. I watched my mum mount on through this cycle a numerous of times and she would always remind us when hit by an avalanche ourselves that this is parcel of life. It is what builds character and determines who you will be for the foreseeable. The best way to deal with them is to; let the storm ride, brush yourself off, get up and tackle it again. Faith being a pivotal reach for mum, encouraging us to reach out for the same thing when striked by the same repetitive  cycle of countless lessons. Which is the case, now unable to ride out a storm and reach ultimate bliss if I haven't got faith by my side.
Strength isn't just a physical aspect but correlates to the mind and soul. 

My mums strength has most certainly been tested, encountering the journey of my ill dad, battling breast cancer not once but twice, graduating her masters and just recently losing my dad. It has been a massive drop of a rollercoaster but till this day she plucks up the courage and strength to persistently pick herself up and continue on. She is one in a million, a rarity I will cherish. My mothers story doesn't stop there and has plentiful that she has confronted. Every day she astounds me and everyone else who's lucky enough to be surrounded by her presence. 
Goes without saying, I love you. 

© ModestMira

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