Thursday, 23 April 2020

Here's a pick me up...

Unquestionably, life has drastically rotated into a feeling of an apocalyptic movie, living out what you watch for entertainment with your family or friends, now a sense of a reality. The talks of 'If this was to ever happen I would be extensively armed and ready...' but instead you've sunken into a dark grungy hole of anxiety and sadness.
Vaguely exaggerating, okay okay outright magnifying the whole situation into a macro scale of 'Shaun of the dead' 'waiting for the whole thing to blow over...'. Understatement to say I don't watch that many movies however, a representation of what is spinning around disorderly in this mind of mine.

It goes without saying, it's a concoction of a variety of emotions and feelings unable to get a firm grasp on the whole state of affairs. Reminding myself that all is required is to remain home, a safe haven. A place considered safe in the presence of the ones I love and the feeling of gratitude because not everyone is fortunate enough to feel this sense of security in a time like this. The privilege of still being able to work from home and sustain some sort of way of life from the comfort and safety of our homes is truly a blessing. The term ' a new normal' is being tossed around, which extracts a profound and uncanny sense of feeling out of me. This is by far inhumanly abnormal.

The unprecedented thought of this actually a normal for individuals out there caught in conflicting wars, violence and all things inhumane, immediately yanks out my heartstrings. "Surely this is not how we have made the world to be, what it is today?" But it is.
These damn ruminations is what has my mind consumed with pessimism notions spinning uncontrollably until I'm right back swirling into a great, big, slump.

"In order to make a difference in the world you have always got to start within. Within you, yourself." Once you have conquered you, then you move up the ladder. How can we anticipate positive transformation in the world when we're unable to inflict these changes on ourselves?
A continuous passing notion that runs through my overdriven mind, which drags me back from the slump and into a more pragmatic perspective.


The understanding that it stems from within ourselves and taking a more encouraging approach, writing things down you like to do or would like to work on is a great beginner.
Unashamedly I admit, I love to plan. I can PLAN PLAN my ass off. A good trick to have is writing (I know, what?! Pen and paper is still of existence?) notes, to do list, plan of the week etc to delude the mind into a schedule. Organising the little boxes of thoughts stored in your mind into an orderly arrangement. The sense of a scattered library (mind) with books and papers flying around (thoughts and list of things to do) is no longer in hand and in fact everything is neatly piled accordingly ready for you to just simply search and pick.


Something you hear pretty much every living minute of the day . AHH. However, it is indisputably the truth, taking 10 minutes out of the day to schedule some lurveeeee for yourself is very effective. Doesn't have to be gravely expensive or thorough to the point you got a whole on spa treatment set up in your living room (nothing wrong if you have). It can be a matter of those 10 minutes being spent on reading a book you've been keen to complete, painting your nails, a face mask, getting dressed, a walk in with nature and the list can go on. It's time scheduled, booked, just for you and you alone to do whatever the heck you want.
This technique really uplifts and raises your own energy and vibrations, having love for oneself just means you have plenty to radiate outwardly. 


Nows the time my friend. You know what I'm talking about here right? Yeah. "Oh I love to paint, it make me feel so enlightened and happy but just haven't got the time." OR "I would love to learn a new language but I'm just not good at it." (a one from my own books). You make time for the things you want too, we actually haven't an excuse for not following through with our passions or hobbies.
Recently, I plucked the strength to pull out those dusty paint brushes and oil paints, ordered a few canvases and feeling of nostalgia hit me like a thunderbolt. The very last time I hit paintbrush to canvas was GCSE Art.. let's just say it was some time ago. That feeling of being in my element, the winded process and many stages engulfed, reaching to the very end result was ultimate euphoria.
Igniting a sense of enthusiasm and energy within myself to produce more but also venture into other hobby aspirations. Yo hablo espaƱol. Yes that is a whole other journey I pledge to upkeep no matter how difficult, language will become my forte.. one day!

Do what truly makes you happy. Something that is just for you, unpaid and solely because you enjoy and uplifts you. Whatever inspires you follow it through. 


Exercise is considered a form of many notions. Have you ever just woke up in the morning, thought why not get in my gym wear, type in YouTube turn on a workout video or tap on a fitness app on your phone. Once you have completed the workout you feel the blood pumping ready to tackle whatever is hurled towards you. You instantly look in the mirror, face is redder than a tomato and dripping of that good stuff sweat, you feel an instant change in your body. In fact you're stomach all of a sudden looks a little more toned, your bum that little more lifted. You're basically PUMPED to start the day.
Exercise is vital and needed to elevate mood levels, it keeps your inner energy flowing. You don't have to overburden yourself with these exaggerated workouts, where you feel disorientated to the point you're like eff it. Follow what's right for your own body, listen to its needs. Everything is a work in progress and before you know it you'll be weight-lifting fridges whilst snacking whatever is in it at the same time... wow ultimate goal or what?
Even something small as dancing around in your bedroom; whilst no one else is there to bear witness and hold you to it for the rest of your life is considered a form of exercise. (Been there and done it- got the medal to prove it).
Just get your blood PUMPING!


Keeping this one short and sweet. It is not normal to be on the go constantly, you're going to run yourself into an early grave with this mentality. The art of not simply doing anything is an art for a reason but it's OKAY to do absolutely jack diddly squat sometimes. EMBRACE LAZINESS at times, its good for the; soul, mind and heart.

Just be still and aware of everything around you for a moment. 

On that note, it is okay to feel the emotions you're feeling even if turbulent. Just know there's always a positive in every negative they come hand in hand, you just have to scuffle your way through to find them. I'll note a few other things that lift me on a bad day below.

More things considered a pick me up...

-Travel (not fittings in current situations) 
-Incorporating more healthier eating habits
-Animals- pets (give them some love)
-Talk and socialise with friends and family 
-Nature walks or simple as buying a bunch of flowers to brighten up your room 
-Faith- God is always listening and waiting for your call
-Journal your everyday 
-Turn off your phone and just feel the moment you're in 
-Spruce up the environment you're living in 

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