Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Fear a dictator

No doubt if you grew up early 2000's watching the tv reality show fear factor, you were traumatised as some point in your childhood. The dreadful and stomach churning scenes you would endure, either the contestant violently throwing up after wallowing up sheep guts or nearly plummeting to their death walking down some scaffolding 600 ft in the air. It really put fear on the map. Always at the back of your mind you're thinking 'What sort of crazy people would sign up for this shit?' Of course money and fame was on the agenda for them and an ultimate motive but put that aside still some crazy shit right?

Pointing out that fear runs through every individual more so in some than others, deciding their fate. Fear a dictator. 

Of course fear is vital for human indication of danger and harm, in which we need to respond to such situations. However, when did we allow it to take over every aspect of our lives? When did we allow fear to consume us and decide fate for us?

Unknowingly so many individuals reside with life based off this emotion. 'What if I lose them? I can't lose them, I love them we said forever'  'I have to stick it out in this demeaning job, who else is going to take me on, not like my business venture is going to work anyways?' 'I can't travel there on my own what if something bad happens?' 

Numerous thoughts that wander in our minds, frightening us, stopping us and dictating to us. 

It's fear that leads to the feelings of anxiety, apprehension for what's to come. That swallows us to a pit of darkness and puts life on a standstill. I know I have been there and occasionally still visit. Utterly gruelling to the point you just can no longer breathe, you can't take it anymore. Why are we scared? What's the worst that can happen? 




All of which is inevitable, we need such things to direct us and creates who we are today. 

Death is inevitable. It lingers so callously just waiting for the go ahead. We know it's going to bang on our door one day so why do we allow it to stop us from living the days we have until we hear that bang? 

I'm afraid of dying, we're all afraid. The thought of leaving our loved ones behind, or what will become of me after my body no longer wanders this earth, terrifies you to the point you almost forget death altogether. 

That's where we are wrong. In order to conquer fear, you have to accept. Once you have accepted you can then overcome. Life is so damn short, so why do we live in fear rather than with risks? Live a life on the edge, knowing the worst could be around the corner but you conquered a fear and enjoyed it. Live a life full of stories and experiences. Live a life full of courage. Try, try until you die (morbid but got to be said). You won't know unless you have tried. 

Take control of your fear and drive it towards the path you want rather than allowing fear to lead and control your life. You can't allow fear to strike you down but rather use it as motivation, steering you towards being a better person, to attain your goals and fight for what you want in life. 

Consumption of helpless media which loves to fear monger individuals, almost as if they want to cripple society to brainwash them into their own control. We people need to wake up, we have our own minds, we make our own choices we shouldn't have to believe everything that's thrown at us like gargled vomit and seek knowledge for ourselves. 

Fear running through the vessels of our love lives, clutching onto every aspect obtainable of a person it can, sweeping us into a dark abyss. The fear of losing our partners, our loved ones can become so overwhelming and because of such emotions instead of attaining a healthy relationship you steer them the complete opposite direction. We shouldn't deflect such feelings onto someone, especially someone we love. Reality is we don't belong to people and people don't belong to us. We are own individuals, with our own minds, thoughts, journey and wanting to control that is bang out of order (you need to seek help if you think this acceptable). Constantly having such emotions or thoughts within any relationship can be detrimental. Rather cherish every waking moment of your life with this person, create memories and encounters to live by and go off the now rather than the 'what if?'

Apply this to every situation given in life, forget the what if's and think about the now. 

We can most certainly navigate towards our own path but what is meant for us is meant for us and if it isn't then it isn't. Sometimes our life with a friend or a partner is short lived, but that was how it was supposed to be. In that period of your life it was what you or the other person needed to get through. 

Fear shouldn't dictate who we are or what we become but to live the best life you can possibly live should be. Full of courage, gratitude and love at heart. 

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