Monday 13 March 2023

Malta & Gomerino Hotel

Malta the golden Island. 

Before booking our trip here we hadn't really heard much about this dainty island, which came as a surprise to me. Even though it may seem so tiny it has so much to offer from the most mesmerising views, architecture, nature and food. It really had everything wrapped up in a small little box. Due to its size it is very easy to hop from one city to the other via bus, ferry or car. Allowing the quick options to either explore one minute or relax by the sea the next. 

I have noted a short but sweet itinerary of where and what we got up to on our 4 day trip below.




Valletta is considered the capital of Malta, and very accessible to other towns and city which made it the perfect place for us to reside. After some extensive browsing I found this beautiful luxury boutique hotel called Gomerino in the heart of Valletta. Location was amazing, just a few minutes walk and you will find yourself either in Upper/Lower Barracka Gardens, Is-Suq Tap Belt food market, and St John's Cathredral. Valletta overall is easy to get around and you can pretty much explore the whole city in a few hours. 

The quirky but contemporary hotel has so much to offer; a beautiful terrace whilst overlooking Valletta's waterfront and Vittoriosa castle Fort St Angelo you can order some drinks or dine, you also have access to their indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna (you have to book an appointment with the receptionist with no extra charge to use), and Spa Facilities (extra costs). The staff are exceedingly helpful and welcoming, we had a number of questions to ask each day on how to get to certain places and they were super helpful and patient with us. 

- We couldn't be more happier with the hotel we chose stay in for our duration of Malta!



St Johns Cathedral

St Johns Cathedral (15 euros pp)

A Roman- Catholic co-cathedral with stunning intricate architecture. 

Casa Rocca Piccola (9.50 euros pp)

A 16th century palace that was home to a noble Maltese family de Piro and continues to be lived in by the same family since that time. It's definitely more than a museum, and feels like you are visiting an exquisite and well-loved aristocratic home. A number of captivating paintings and history within the palace. Entering the beautiful garden, you can also visit the WWII bomb shelter which tunnels down quite deep. 

Upper Barrakka Gardens & Lower Barrakka Gardens (No Entry Fee For Both Gardens) 

- The Upper Barrakka Garden you can get an elevator down straight to the harbour (1 euros each)

An amazing view of the harbour and the 3 cities further back. We spent a little time just sat in the garden with a drink and soaking it all in. 

Lower Barrakka Gardens

Traditional Water Taxi To The 3 Cities: Birgu/Vittoriosa, Senglea, Cospicua

Birgu/ Vittoriosa 

- We managed to visit Vittoriossa for the evening and I was constantly in awe of how unbelievable stunning the city was. There would be moments where it felt like a movie set, which of course is not the case and residents live in these beautiful homes. 

I would highly recommend making a trip to the 3 cities using a traditional water taxi (2 euros pp) you get to witness the cities around you from the ocean and during sunset it is definitely something you will not forget. (You can take the water taxi from Valletta harbour situated across the road from the Upper Barrack elevator). 


Mdina (35 minute bus/taxi drive from Valletta) (Buses 51, 52, 53 from Valletta to Mdina (2 euros pp) )

Mdina Gates (The silent city)

We felt a huge Middle Eastern influence when visiting Mdina, this was of course due the Arabic invasion many many years ago. At times it felt we were back in time visiting Morocco, due to the very narrow alley ways and colours. You can walk all around the Medina in hour or so, it is very small indeed. There are also residents that live in these homes so it is good to note to remain respectful and quiet when exploring. I couldn't get over how extremely peaceful and quiet it was when walking around, at times you would find yourself whispering or lowering your voice to not disturb the peace. 

Grand Master Palace (temporarily closed when we went to visit) (6 euros pp)

Rabat - Catacombs 

We had the chance to explore parts of Rabat (across the road from the Mdina gates). 

Palazzo Falson (we forgot to visit here) (10 euros pp)



There is a wonderful view of Valletta from the harbour here but found Sliemma to be a little more touristy than Valletta. 


Golden Bay Beach (35 minute taxi ride from Valletta)

I can understand why it is named the Golden Bay beach, everywhere you turn you are surrounded with goldeness (if that is even a word!). Golden light, sand, sun, and rocks, it is definitely a sight and not a beach to miss. However, I did find it to be quite polluted which was extremely upsetting to see. 

I found there we a number of Jellyfishes that had washed up on the shore and were scattered everywhere one the sand - so a little heads up on this!


Visit Gozo Island and Comino Island (Blue Lagoon) - (45 minute ferry ride to Gozo form Valletta harbour)

Unfortunately the ferries were cancelled when we wanted to travel there due to weather conditions which was definitely disappointing but just gives us a reason to return!


Valletta :

Eeeet Well (Lunch/Dinner)

Museum Cafe 1921 (Breakfast/Lunch)

Old Bakery (Dinner)

Soul Food (Lunch)

Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro (Bakery & Cafe)


Chalk Rabat

Parruccan ( small outside bakery shop - A MUST)


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